Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences – Unleash the Excellence of Tubbs Flex ALP

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Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences: The Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W is a highly rated snowshoe product with a solid reputation.

With its impressive features and positive customer reviews, it promises to deliver a great snowshoeing experience.

In this review, we will delve into the product’s details and explore my personal experience with it.

I have had the pleasure of using the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W snowshoes on various trails. One aspect that immediately stood out to me was the ease of putting on and taking off the bindings. The Velcro strap provided a secure hold, ensuring that the snowshoes remained intact during transportation. This convenience greatly enhanced my overall experience.

Furthermore, the traction of the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W was exceptional. Even after trekking for miles, the straps remained tight, providing excellent grip on compacted hard snow.

The ActiveFit 2.0 Binding system allowed for precise control and stability, making each step confident and secure. These snowshoes truly excelled on trails, providing the necessary traction to navigate challenging terrains.

However, when faced with deep fluff snow, I did encounter some limitations. The Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W sank quite significantly, making it challenging to maneuver.

I had to follow in the footsteps of my partner to prevent myself from sinking too deeply. It became evident that these snowshoes are not ideal for true backcountry snowshoeing in deep fluff conditions.

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Frame and Decking

Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences

Featuring a Torsion Deck and FLEX Tail, the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W ensures optimal performance on the trails.

The Torsion Deck provides torsional flex and allows for natural articulation, making it easier to navigate varied terrain.

The FLEX Tail enhances maneuverability and absorbs shock, reducing impact on your joints. With this combination of frame and decking, you can expect a smooth and comfortable snowshoeing experience.

Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences: Articulation

Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences

Offering excellent articulation, the Rotation Limiter on the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W allows for a natural stride and efficient movement.

This feature ensures that your snowshoes stay aligned with your feet, preventing any unnecessary twisting or discomfort.

Whether you’re climbing steep slopes or traversing uneven terrain, the articulation on these snowshoes provides the flexibility and control you need for a successful adventure.

Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences: Control

Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences

Equipped with the Viper 2, the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W ensures enhanced performance Binding on the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W offers superior control and adjustability.

The binding securely holds your feet in place, providing stability and preventing slippage. It is easy to adjust for different boot sizes and ensures a snug fit, allowing for precise movements and optimal control.

With the ActiveFit 2.0 Binding, you can confidently tackle any trail with confidence and control.

Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences: Traction

With the ActiveFit 2, the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W provides a comfortable fit.0 Toe Crampon and 3D-Curved Traction Rails, offering exceptional traction on various snow conditions.

The toe crampon provides reliable grip on icy or packed snow, while the traction rails enhance stability and prevent slipping on side slopes.

Whether you’re navigating steep ascents or descents, these traction features ensure that you can confidently tackle any terrain.

Tubbs Snowshoe Tips Experiences: Other Features

Including convenient features like the ActiveLift 19° Heel Lift and EZ Heel Buckle, the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W caters to users‘ needs.

The heel lift allows for easier uphill climbs by reducing calf strain, while the heel buckle ensures a secure and effortless fit.

These additional features enhance the overall functionality and comfort of the snowshoes, making them a reliable choice for your outdoor adventures.

Tubbs Snowshoe User Reviews

Renowned for its performance on the trails, customers have praised the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W. One reviewer mentioned that they are perfect for trail use, offering easy on/off, great traction, and straps that stay tight even after long distances.

However, it’s important to note that these snowshoes may not be suitable for deep fluff snow, as another reviewer mentioned sinking quite badly. Overall, users appreciate the lightweight design and recommend them for compacted hard snow and trail conditions.


  • The Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W has an easy off/on feature, making it convenient to use on the trail.
  • The snowshoes have great traction, ensuring stability even after walking for long distances.
  • The straps of the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W stay tight, providing a secure fit throughout your adventure.


  • These snowshoes are not suitable for deep fluff snow as they tend to sink quite badly.
  • The Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W is not designed for true backcountry snowshoeing.
  • It may be necessary to purchase additional snowshoes specifically for deep fluff snow.

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In conclusion, the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W snowshoes are an excellent choice for trail and compacted hard snow conditions.

They offer easy off/on functionality, exceptional traction, and reliable strap tightness. However, if you anticipate frequent encounters with deep fluff snow, it might be worth considering a different snowshoe option. Overall, these lightweight and aesthetically pleasing snowshoes have provided me with a positive snowshoeing experience (in the austrian alps).

Questions & Answers:

Question: How easy is it to put on and take off the bindings of the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W?
Answer: The bindings of the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W are quite easy to put on and take off.

Question: Does the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W come with a strap to hold the snowshoes together while transporting?
Answer: Yes, the Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W has a nice Velcro strap to hold the snowshoes together during transportation.

Question: Are these snowshoes suitable for backcountry snowshoeing?
Answer: The Tubbs Flex ALP 22 W is not designed for true backcountry snowshoeing, but it performs well on trails and compacted hard snow.

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