MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips – Get the Most Out of Your MSR Hiking Snowshoes

MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips: The MSR Hiking Snowshoes are reliable and durable snowshoes designed for all types of snowy trails and rolling terrain.

With excellent traction and floatation, these snowshoes offer a secure grip in tricky conditions. The DuoFit bindings ensure a glove-friendly and adjustable attachment to a wide range of footwear.

Additionally, the optional 5-inch modular floatation tails provide extra floatation in deep powder. Let’s dive into some personal experiences with these snowshoes.

I rented a pair of these MSR Hiking Snowshoes and was so impressed … The fact that the outfitter I rented from also uses these snowshoes as their rentals speaks volumes about their durability.

I put these snowshoes to the test, trekking over many hikes in various snow conditions. From deep powder to dense mashed-potato-esque snow, these snowshoes performed flawlessly.

Unlike my friend who bought a cheaper brand, I didn’t face any issues with ice balls forming or the footboard breaking off.

The MSR Hiking Snowshoes are lightweight, durable, and easy to use. I highly recommend them for East coast snow conditions. My absolute favorite snowshoes!

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MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips: Dependable and Durable Construction

MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips

Built to withstand all types of conditions and terrain, the MSR Hiking Snowshoes are.

With steel traction rails and brake bars molded into the snowshoe decking, as well as carbon steel crampons, these snowshoes provide excellent traction and grip even in tricky conditions.

Whether you’re navigating snowy trails or rolling terrain, these snowshoes will keep you secure and stable.

The durable construction ensures that they can handle a lot of use and abuse, making them a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

MSR Snowshoe: Glove-Friendly and Adjustable Bindings

MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips

Featuring DuoFit bindings that are designed to be freeze-proof and glove-friendly (Important!!!), the MSR Hiking Snowshoes.

These bindings offer adjustable attachment to a wide range of footwear, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. With these bindings, you can easily adjust the tightness and fit of the snowshoes, even while wearing gloves.

This makes them convenient and user-friendly, especially in cold weather conditions.

Whether you have large or small feet, these bindings can accommodate a variety of shoe sizes, making them versatile for different users.

Optional Floatation Tails for Deep Powder

MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips

Offering an optional 5-inch modular floatation tails, the MSR Hiking Snowshoes are perfect for venturing into deep powder.

These additional tails provide extra floatation, allowing you to stay on top of deep powder and preventing you from sinking. This is particularly useful for those who frequently encounter deep snow or who need additional buoyancy for their activities.

The modular design of the floatation tails allows you to easily attach or detach them as needed, giving you flexibility depending on the snow conditions you’ll be facing.

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Lightweight and Easy to Use

MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips

With their lightweight design being one of the standout features, the MSR Hiking Snowshoes.

Weighing only 3.56 pounds, these snowshoes won’t weigh you down during your outdoor adventures. The lightness of the snowshoes makes them easy to maneuver and walk with, reducing the strain on your legs and allowing for a more enjoyable experience.

Additionally, the MSR Hiking Snowshoes are designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive and straightforward setup process. Even if you’re new to snowshoeing, you’ll find these snowshoes easy to use and adjust to your preference.

MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips: Positive User Reviews

MSR Snowshoe Experiences Tips

Having received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, the MSR Hiking Snowshoes.

Many customers have praised the durability and performance of these snowshoes, noting that they have held up well even after extensive use.

Users have also commented on the excellent traction and grip provided by the steel traction rails and crampons. The lightweight nature of the snowshoes has also been appreciated, making them comfortable to wear and walk in.

Overall, the positive reviews highlight the quality and reliability of the MSR Hiking Snowshoes.

Considerations for Deep Snow and Noise

Excelling in most conditions, it’s important to note that the MSR Hiking Snowshoes may not provide optimal floatation in deep, unpacked snow.

If you frequently encounter deep snow, it may be worth considering the optional floatation tails to ensure adequate floatation.

Additionally, some users have mentioned that the snowshoes can generate noise, particularly in icy conditions. This is important to keep in mind if you’re looking for a quieter experience or if you’ll be in wildlife photography or hunting situations.

However, the noise does not detract from the overall performance and durability of the snowshoes.


  • Dependable and durable all-condition snowshoes that offer excellent traction and floatation on snowy trails and rolling terrain.
  • Steel traction rails, brake bars, and carbon steel crampons provide secure grip in tricky conditions.
  • DuoFit bindings deliver freeze-proof, glove-friendly, adjustable attachment to a wide range of footwear.


  • These snowshoes can be noisy when walking, which may not be ideal for wildlife photography or hunting.
  • The plastic clips on the straps could be more securely set for easier re-installing of the snowshoe onto shoes/boots.
  • The included instructions suggest purchasing extra accessory tails for deep snow or heavier loads, which may be an additional expense.

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In conclusion, the MSR Hiking Snowshoes have proven to be a reliable and high-quality choice for snowshoeing.

They offer excellent traction, floatation, and grip in various snow conditions.

The DuoFit bindings ensure a secure and adjustable attachment to footwear, while the optional floatation tails provide added performance in deep powder.

Based on my personal experience and the positive reviews from other users, I can confidently say that these snowshoes are worth the investment.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned snowshoer, the MSR Hiking Snowshoes deliver on performance and durability.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can these snowshoes handle deep powder?
Answer: Yes, these snowshoes are designed to provide excellent floatation in deep powder. Optional 5-inch modular floatation tails can be purchased separately to provide extra floatation.

Question: Are these snowshoes easy to use?
Answer: Yes, these snowshoes are lightweight, durable, and easy to use. The DuoFit bindings are designed to be freeze-proof and glove-friendly, and they can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of footwear.

Question: Are these snowshoes suitable for beginners?
Answer: Yes, these snowshoes are suitable for beginners as well as experienced snowshoers. They offer excellent traction and stability, and their narrow design makes them comfortable and easy to walk in.

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